Make your handwriting into a font

picture-4So I was going through my googlereader yesterday and I found an article talking about fonts and they linked to a website,, that allows you to actually make a font of your handwriting. I was a bit skeptical of how well it would work at first but after getting my font at the end I was pretty impressed. All you really have to do is print out a sheet of all the letters and after writing each letter individually in the boxes you scan it in and the website spits out a .ttf file which you can install and use in any application like MS Word or Photoshop. You should definitely try it out because best of all its free.



Michigan Marching Band

Hello there.

My name is Andrew Gavenda and this is my new blog. I’ve never really had a blog before but I just wanted to make one and try it out. I’ll be talking about a bunch of random things from technology to Michigan football to photography. It will really just depend on the mood I’m in. Hopefully you will enjoy my posts and thanks for checking this out.