Geektool and Your Desktop

People can get pretty creative with their desktops. Some keep it very cluttered yet functional while others tend to keep them clean and organized. Personally, it depends on how far into the school semester I am. As the work builds up in all my classes my desktop tends to clutter up with homework assignments and lab reports. When I get the time to clean it up though I definitely appreciate a clean desktop. Recently I was reading on about people who create these “designer” desktops. They basically integrate all sorts of functionality into the actual desktop picture itself, whether thats simply the date and time or something as complex as RSS feeds and CPU utilization. A program called GeekTool allows you to embed files, pictures, and even scripts.

Recent updates of GeekTool have made it much easier to customize, all you have to do is simply drag and drop one of the icons onto your desktop. At this point the display below pops up and allows you to customize everything. For my desktop I used only scripts to produce all of the information embedded. For example, to display the day of the week, the script ‘ date +”%A” ‘ was used, and to display the time and AM/PM, the script ‘ date +”%I:%M %p” ‘ was used. You can google around for all sorts of scripts, that’s how I found out how to embed the weather into my desktop.

No matter how you like to customize your desktop, GeekTool is the easiest and best tool I have found on the internet.


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