Isight Flipbook

So I always wanted to be able to use the isight to do other things and I finally thought of something that I’d actually want to do with it. I decided that I wanted to have my isight periodically take pictures of where I was working and what I was doing. To start of I needed a program to get the use of the isight out of the Photo Booth program. After looking around on the Internet I found a program called isightcapture, here. Its just a simple command line utility that I used. After you download it just save it in your Applications Folder


The code that I wrote was pretty simple and only takes a few lines. The variable “Date” is just so that any time I take a picture I can name it accurately. Then I’m just changing the directory so that when I run the program It will save it in the folder that I want, mine is just called isightrial for this one. You need to create a folder in your Pictures folder as well. After you finish the code name it and save it in your Applications Folder as well. I just named my isight for reference.


Now that we have the program to run the isight and save it to a folder, I needed find a way to run this program at certain times. There is probably a better way to do this part but I’m not that amazing at coding, so I found a program called Lingon. This program is a way of using launchd but in a GUI, much easier for me. After creating a name for Part 1 “com.username.isightprogram” for example, select the isight program you just saved in your applications folder for Part 2. And Part 3 is really up to you, when you want to have it run, I have mine run every 30 seconds for example. Click save and then It will warn you about having to logout and everything to have the program start running. After logging out and back in wait for a little and you can tell the program is running because the little green light will pop on for a second next to the camera. This means its working!

This little green light might be annoying, but it seems its impossible to keep it from turning it on. People say that it is hard wired to the camera so whenever power goes to it, the LED comes on. A little annoying but nothing a little piece of tape can’t cover up.

I’ve had this running for about 2 weeks now and its actually kind of interesting to see your patterns on when you use your computer and how your sitting and that kind of stuff. I tend to play with my hat all the time as it turns out. But when you actually forget about the program running all the time and you go through the pictures a few days later you can find some cool things. Like the video above, I was taking laundry off my drying rack and then folding it and then putting it away. I just made a short flipbook using Imovie and it looks pretty cool afterwards.

Hope you all like my idea,  just something fun to mess around with when your procrastinating.


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